The beautiful rute Ciego de Avila – Sancti Spiritus – Trinidad – Cienfuegos – Playa Larga

It’s suggested to ride east to west with the prevailing winds.

Route type: Paved roads, suitable for all types of bicycles, preferably hybrids.
Cities and places of interest with suggested budget accommodation options:

  • Ciego de Avila city, Morón city.
  • Mayajigua Lake Hotel with open-air or enclosed pool areas with thermal water.
  • Sancti Spiritus city: Museums, history, Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Foundation branch, Agrotourism project "La Picadora".
  • Trinidad city: Museums, beach, excursions, hiking, canopy, nature, nautical options.
  • Cienfuegos city: Museums, beach, nautical options, history.
  • Playa Giron: Museum, Caleta Buena, El Pirata Dive Center.
  • Playa Larga: Cueva de los Peces, Punta Perdiz, Crocodile Farm, Parrot farm.
  • Hotel reservations
  • Private accommodations

– Ciego de Avila – Mayajigua 98,4 km;
– Mayajigua – Sancti Spiritus  81,4 km
– Sancti Spiritus – Trinidad 71,2 km
– Trinidad – Cienfuegos 82 km
– Cienfuegos – Playa Giron 78,1 km
– Playa Giron – Playa Larga 35,2 km

Total distance: 445 km (276,5 miles)
Highest elevation: 257 m  (between Yaguajay & Sancti Spiritus)
Level of vehicular traffic:  Low
Suggested duration: 9 nights / 10 days
Degree of difficulty: Moderate

Route description:
Havana – Ciego de Avila
To reach Ciego de Ávila: Viazul buses (accept bicycles with a small surcharge) and are ideal for travel between Havana & Ciego de Avila. It’s suggested to make an advance bus reservation via internet. Accommodation in Ciego de Ávila.

Ciego de Ávila – Morón (59,6 km); Morón – Mayajigua (38,8 km)

From the center of Ciego de Avila city, take Independencia avenue and then the Central Road (Carretera Central) to the rotary where you must turn left to reach the Bypass Road (Circunvalación or Anillo de la Ciudad). Take  Avenida Antonio Guiteras (151) and pedal straight to Morón. You’ll see  Hotel Morón on your right once you enter the city.

Departing from Hotel Morón, take Avenida Tarafá on your right that later joins Avenida Martí, crossing the city to arrive at Avenida Libertad, where you’ll turn left. Take a right at Calle Padre Cano to Salome Machado, where you must turn left to take the northern circuit to Chambas (35 km). Pass through the village of Chambas and continue on the northern circuit to Mayajigua. Here you’ll find a hotel called Villa San Jose del Lago, with a restaurant and pools with thermal waters with medicinal characteristics. The water passes naturally between an enclosed pool and the open-air pool where many Cubans gather in the summer to enjoy their vacations. Overnights can be planned at the property.

You also have the option of lodging at the agro-tourism project La Picadora, 2 kilometers later (at km 436). From La Picadora you can organize excursions to Caguane National Park, with options to visit caves and other natural attractions.

hotel San Jose del Lago

Mayajigua – Sancti Spiritus (81,4 km)

Turn right back onto the road continuing west towards Yaguajay. In the center of the city you’ll see a sign where you must turn left to Sancti Spiritus. Pass through the villages of Meneses,  Jarahueca, Jíquima de Peláez, and continue traveling down the 66 to the Central Road (Carretera Central / CC), where you must turn left towards the city of Sancti Spiritus. At the entry to Sancti Spiritus you see Villa Los Laureles on your left. You could stay here or continue to the center of the city following Calle Bartolomé Maso to Avenida de los Mártires, where you will turn right to Parque Serafín Sanchez. Here you will find Hotel Plaza, Hostal del Rijo, & Hostal Don Florencio in the historic district, and also private accommodations.

Sancti Spiritus – Trinidad (71,2 km) or La Boca (77,6 km)

On one side of Parque Serafín Sanchez you’ll find Calle Máximo Gomez. Take this road following the sign to Trinidad, turning into Calle Jesus Menendez in the dirección of the Colon neighborhood and then cross a small bridge where Calle Jesus Menendez turns into a boulevard. You must take a left and immediate right to reach Calle 26 de julio.  Follow the signs to Trinidad. You’ll pass through the villages of Banao, Fidel Claro & Caracusey before reaching the Valle de los Ingenios, where you’ll find the  Manaca – Iznaga Tower
Follow the road to Trinidad.

Arriving in Trinidad take a left on Calle Camilo Cienfuegos, pass the Iglesia Santa Ana (church) and continue, turning right on Calle Antonio Maceo and you’ll be in the center of town. If you wishes to continue to La Boca, you must cycle to Avenida Simón Bolívar and take a left. This Street will take you directly to the beach and village of La Boca.

If you wanted to continue to the Ancon Peninsula, then once on Calle Camilo Cienfuegos you should continue to Avenida Ignacio Agramonte and take a left, following the signs to the Península Ancón. Reserve hotels or private accommodations.

Trinidad City

Trinidad – Cienfuegos (82 km)

From the center of Trinidad, at the intersection of Simón Bolívar & Anastasio Cardenas, take Cardenas heading west. If you’re cycling from La Boca via Simón Bolívar, take a left on Cardenas. If you’re cycling from the Ancon Peninsula via Agramonte, continue to Simón Bolívar and go straight to find Cardenas.
Stay on this road following the signs to Cienfuegos.
You’ll pass a shrimp-growing facility, the Yaguanabo Rover, where there’s lodging at Villa Yaguanabo, and Villa Guajimico, which has a dive center and modestly-priced accommodations halfway between Trinidad & Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos – Playa Giron (78 km)

You have two options:

  1. Via the road to Havana. On leaving Cienfuegos via the norther road heading to the National Highway, you must reach Yaguaramas, where you’ll take a left to continue as far as Playa Giron. (There’s another route via the Charcas junction, Mijailito, later passing through Cayo Grande, La Forestal, Guasasa and bordering the coast, but the road is rocky and solitary, requiring good tires and an ample water supply.
  2. Cross the Cienfuegos Bay via Ferry. The ferry departs the Cienfuegos Marina crossing the Bay to Castillo de Jagua .Take the road to Juraguá, and after passing the Juraguá nuclear plant you must take a left to the south road to Caleta Buena, cycling straight to Playa Girón. (This road borders the coast and is like a dirt road in passable conditions for cycling, but again, it is very, very solitary, requiring good tires and an ample water supply).

Playa Giron – Playa Larga (35,2 km)

This is an easy route, flat and bordering the coastline in its entirety. Places of interest along the way include the Cueva de los Peces & Punta Perdiz. In Playa Larga you’ll find Hotel Playa Larga on the beach and there’s also a camping facility 4 km before you reach the hotel. The village of Caletón also offers ample private accommodation options.


Route map for Cycling From Ciego De Avila To Playa Larga by Abel Pez on

Playa Giron or Playa Larga – Havana

  • Playa Larga – Havana (the pickup must be reserved with pickup in Playa Larga, and it’s suggested to coordinate this arrangement while passing through Trinidad or Cienfuegos). Viazul stops in both Playa Giron & Playa Larga once a day.
  •  Consider also continuing with the route Playa Larga - Matanzas - Havana