Founded in 2013, CicloCuba offers bicycle rentals and tours in Cuba.

Our high quality equipment’s suitable for cycle touring in Cuba. We’re conveniently located on Avenida del Puerto in Old Havana, next to the Havana Club Rum Museum, and facing the Havana Cruise Terminal.

CicloCuba collaborates extensively with the travel company WowCuba owned by MacQueen’s Island Tours from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Hybrid and Road
Bike Rental

CicloCuba offers hybrid and road bicycle rental in Cuba. Our bicycles, which are light and equipped with quality tires, are suitable for long-distance cycle-tourism. Each bike has its rear rack (for panniers) and a water bottle holder.

Bike rental prices

1 day – $ 25 usd

7 days – $ 131.25 usd

14 days – $ 245 usd

30 days – $ 487.50 usd



Saddlebag Rack


Water Bottle Cage


Hybrid Category

Specialized Crosstrail

Size(s): S

Specialized Vita

Size(s): S

Specialized Globe Comp

Size(s): M, L, XL

Specialized Sirrus Comp

Size(s): S, M, L, XL

Road Bike Category

Scott Speedster

Size(s): L, XL

Enjoy a Tour through Havana

Tour Havana by BIke:

Rent a bike and
explore the city

CicloCuba offers the rental of bicycles to ride in the city. You can rent them from 1 hour. The collection and return of the bikes must always be at our CicloCuba store located in the historic center of Havana.


Is good know that:

– City bikes can be pre-booked in advance.

– CicloCuba will have your bike available up to 1 hour after the time specified in your request. After this time, CicloCuba will be able to use the bike for other clients.

– The rental payment is 100% in cash at the time of taking the bike.

– City bicycles have a guarantee deposit = $60 usd, which will be returned when the bicycle is returned to CicloCuba.

– Clients must present an identity document to make the bicycle rental contract.

– The rental includes 1 helmet and all taxes.

Rental prices

3 horas – $ 15 usd

8 horas – $ 18 usd

City bikes can be of different models, such as Specialized Vita, Rocky Mountain and others. In this case, CicloCuba will only confirm the category of bicycle and its size, but not the model.

Bicicleta de ciudad

Our Team

Abel Pez Céspedes

CicloCuba administrator, lover of bicycles and Harley Davidson motorcycles

Oscar Luis Alfonso Lazcano

Bicycle Mechanic and BMX acrobat

Kristen MacQueen

Director, WowCuba & MacQueen’s Island Tours

Danny MacQueen

Manager at MacQueen’s Bike Shop, Mechanic & Tour Leader WowCuba & MacQueen’s Island Tours

FAQ 's

– CicloCuba mainly offers hybrid bicycles like the Specialized Sirrus, Globe, Vita and Crosstrail. Additionally, we offer Scott Speedster road bikes.

– CicloCuba doesn’t offer electric bicycles.

– The bicycles have 27 speeds, 9-speed cassettes with 3 chain rings.

– Our Specialized bikes come with 700 x 32 wheels. Scott road bikes have narrower 700 x 23 wheels. Inner tubes are mainly Presta valves and our hybrids can take up to a 38C tube.

– You can rent rear side bags (saddlebags), handlebar bags, trunk bags, Burley D’lite trailer, luggage trailer, trail a bike for children (10 – 13 years), locks, spare inner tubes, luggage storage.

– Bicycles don’t come with mirrors or any other accessories not specifically described as included with the rental.
– Our bikes come equipped with a rear carrier that will accept touring panniers, a water bottle cage (bottle not included) and we also offer helmets at no additional charge, but many guests travel with their own. We can install your personal saddle or pedals on our bikes if you prefer.

– Cell phone holder, small bottle of chain lubricant, multi-tool, spare inner tube, appropriate cycle clothing, solar protection, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, small air pump, bicycle water bottle or hydration pack, energy supplements, optional: SteriPEN or water filtration system.

– Roadside assistance is not available for independent rentals; CicloCuba only offers this service as part of Supported Independent tour packages arranged in advance. Our fleet of bicycles undergoes specialized maintenance after each rental. CicloCuba’s bicycles are high quality, and they’ve mostly been equipped with high-end tires, making them very resistant and appropriate for longer independent cycle touring journeys. In the event of a mechanical, you should have some basic mechanical skills, or be resourceful/self-sufficient enough to secure local transportation for you & your bike to return to CicloCuba for assistance in the event of a breakdown while rental equipment is under your care.

– CicloCuba only operates in Havana. For those intending to start their route in other cities such as Santiago de Cuba or Trinidad and return to Havana with the prevailing easterly winds, our advice is to pick up bicycles in Havana and then travel to your start point via the Viazul bus. The bus service requires advance booking and can only be paid online with a foreign-issued credit card. Viazul accepts bicycles for transport for a small supplement, payable locally, and will require riders to remove wheels and store the bicycle in the luggage compartment under the bus for the journey.

CicloCuba is primarily a rental outfitter.
– We offer a number of free digital maps for multiple Havana-based day excursions, with routes based on beginning/ending at CicloCuba. You’re free to modify the start/end points to your accommodation if renting while based in Havana.
-While CicloCuba doesn’t offer free tour itinerary planning services, digital maps are included with Supported Independent tour programs.
-For those planning multi-day touring outside of Havana, we highly recommend installing the offline navigation application and downloading the Cuba map in advance to mobile phones. It’s a wonderful resource that relies on GPS technology so a) doesn’t require data and b) can be used when cell phone signals are weak/non-existent.

– Visit CicloCuba and submit your completed reservation request form asap.

CicloCuba’s privileged Old Havana location makes it an ideal neighborhood for lodging too. If interested in some help narrowing down the list for your independent Havana stay, here’s a selection of some decent spots relatively close to our facility:

State Hotels:
Palacio de los Corredores
Los Frailes
Beltran de Santa Cruz
Palacio de los Corredores
Palacio Cueto
Marques de Cardenas de Montehermoso
Palacio del Marques de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal
Hotel Raquel
Private B&B’s/boutique inns:
Apartamento Sol, Casco Historico
Estancia Bohemia

Residencia Santa Clara

Plaza Vieja Executive Suite

Balcones Muralla

Casa Mi Tierra
Al Sol

Santa Brigida Convent (check pictures for contacts)
C&A Vista al Mar III
Loft Habana

CicloCuba collaborates with WoWCuba to offers guaranteed prepaid hotel bookings only as part of pre-arranged Supported Independent tour programs. But our main mission is to be a quality rental outfitter, not a travel agency or travel fixer.

For those undertaking DIY trip planning we publish some bicycle-specific guide book links here to help orient visitors in advance in designing and independently planning their unsupported cycle tour itineraries & accommodations.

  • CicloCuba is based in Old Havana and we don’t have multiple rental outlets. Clients are normally outfitted at our facility, where we warehouse all of our equipment and tools. Occasionally we can consider requests for pickup/delivery, and, depending on availability, prices are quoted to reflect the return driving distance and time from our Old Havana location.

Terms and Conditions for bicycle and accessory rentals with CicloCuba

The client should know that:

  1. This is a bicycle & accessories rental only contract, not a contract of sale.
  2. The signatory of this contract agrees that the rental equipment described on the reverse of this document is and will remain under the ownership of CicloCuba.
  3. The signatory will inspect the rental equipment, find it to be in good conditions and promises to return the equipment in the same condition to CicloCuba upon conclusion of the established rental period.
  4. The signatory agrees:

a) To pay locally at CicloCuba in cash for confirmed services in freely convertible currency (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR) on picking up equipment. Conversions from USD to other currencies are per the mid-market rate at the time of payment.

b) To pay any outstanding fees that may arise in the event of late
equipment return. CicloCuba’s rental day is equivalent to 24 hours. Extension beyond that period will automatically result in the calculation of an additional rental day.

c) Refunds are not available for early returns.

d) Any damage or loss to rental equipment, is payable according to the public rates established at CicloCuba upon concluding the rental.

e) Not to loan bicycles or accessories to third parties not specified in this contract.


  1. CicloCuba will offer 1 helmet per bicycle rental.
  2. CicloCuba is not responsible for accidents or damage to equipment or
    persons caused directly or indirectly during the rental period.
  3. CicloCuba does not offer technical assistance outside of their rental location once equipment has left their storefront.
  4. CicloCuba offers secure luggage storage service for bicycle rental
    clients during their rental period for a fixed rate of $1.00 USD/day per
    piece of luggage.

Security Deposits

  • Security Deposit: CicloCuba requires a security deposit of $200 USD/bicycle before equipment is entrusted to the client’s care.
  • The security deposit may be paid via cash or (for advance bookings only) via a pre-authorization on the client’s credit card (to be processed 1-3 days in advance of the initiation of bicycle rental services in Canada by MacQueen’s Tours). If using a credit card for the pre-authorization, the same card submitted with your booking must be presented upon opening the rental contract as it must be verified by a CicloCuba representative.
  • Providing the equipment is returned in the same condition in which it was rented:
    a) Cash security deposits will be returned to the client upon completion of their rental.
    b) Credit card pre-authorizations will automatically expire upon conclusion of the rental period.
  • In the event bicycles or accessories are damaged, lost or returned after the pacted date/time, the client will be charged according to the established equipment/rental values at CicloCuba.

Cancellation Policy

  • Reservation cancellations must be registered via email and sent to CicloCuba only facilitates advance reservations for
    rental periods of 3 or more consecutive days per bicycle. CicloCuba’s hours of operation for equipment pickup are from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Equipment returns are accepted on Sundays by advance appointment.
  • Cancellations penalty credit card payments are converted from USD to CAD and processed by our partners at MacQueen’s Island Tours in CAD $ at the mid-market ( rate at the time of the transaction.


Reservation Cancellation Period for Individual Bookings
(# days cancelled prior to service initiation)

14 or more

8 to 13

7 or fewer

Reservation Cancellation Period for Group Bookings (6 or more bicycles)
(# days cancelled prior to service initiation)

30 or more


13 or fewer

Cancellation Penalty





Cancellation Penalty







Rental Periods/Unscheduled Returns

  • CicloCuba works by advance appointment only. CicloCuba ceases operations at 5 pm and is closed on Sundays except for equipment returns confirmed in advance.
  • CicloCuba’s 1-day rate is valid for use for 3 to 8 hours and equipment must be returned to CicloCuba before the close of their daily operations.
  • For bicycles rented for 2 or more days, each rental day is calculated as equivalent to a 24-hour period.


Examples for calculating # of rental days:

  • 3-hour rate: Equipment delivered Jul. 1 @ 09:00 / returned Jul. 1 @ 12:00
  • 1-day rate: Equipment delivered Jul. 1 @ 09:00 / returned Jul. 1 @ 12:10 or anytime before Jul. 1 @ 17:00
  • 2-day rate: Equipment delivered Jul. 1 @ 09:00 / returned Jul. 2 @ 09:00 or anytime before Jul. 2 @ 17:00
  • In the event equipment is returned before the agreed-upon return date/time, refunds are unavailable for early returns.
  • In the event equipment is returned after the pacted return date/time, late return penalties are as follows:


a) Authorized in advance by a CicloCuba representative – continuation of pro-rated invoiced rate

b) Not authorized in advance by a CicloCuba representative – 1-3 day rental rate to be applied for additional unauthorized rental days.


Theft/Damage Insurance

Insurance is not available for CicloCuba’s rental equipment. Bicycle rental clients are responsible for reimbursement for any damage or loss to rental equipment under their care upon concluding the rental, according to the public rates established at CicloCuba.

CicloCuba does not permit the loan of their bikes and accessories to third parties not specified in rental contracts.

CicloCuba is not responsible for accidents or damage to equipment or persons caused directly or indirectly during the rental period.
CicloCuba does not offer technical assistance outside of their rental location once equipment has left their storefront.

Términos y condiciones para el alquiler de bicicletas y accesorios de CicloCuba

El cliente debe saber que:

  1. Este es un contrato exclusivo de alquiler de bicicletas y accesorios, no un contrato de venta.
  2. El firmante de este contrato acepta que el equipo de alquiler descrito en el reverso de este documento es y permanecerá bajo el propiedad de CicloCuba.
  3. El signatario ha inspeccionado el equipo de alquiler y ha encontrado que está

en buenas condiciones y se compromete a devolver el equipo en el mismo

condición a CicloCuba al término del período de alquiler establecido.

  1. El firmante acuerda:

a) Pagar localmente en CicloCuba en efectivo los servicios confirmados en moneda libremente convertible (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR) al momento de retirar el equipo. Las conversiones de USD a otras monedas se realizan según la tasa del mercado medio en el momento del pago.

b) Pagar las cuotas pendientes que pudieran derivarse en caso de retraso

devolución de equipos. La jornada de alquiler de CicloCuba equivale a 24 horas. La extensión más allá de ese período resultará automáticamente en el cálculo de un día de alquiler adicional.

c) Los reembolsos no están disponibles para devoluciones anticipadas.

d) Cualquier daño o pérdida del equipo alquilado, es pagadero de acuerdo a las tarifas públicas establecidas en CicloCuba al concluir el alquiler.

e) No prestar bicicletas o accesorios a terceros no especificados en este contrato.


Ciclo Cuba

  1. CicloCuba ofrecerá 1 casco por alquiler de bicicleta.
  2. CicloCuba no se responsabiliza por accidentes o daños a equipos o

personas causadas directa o indirectamente durante el período de alquiler.

  1. CicloCuba no ofrece asistencia técnica fuera de su lugar de alquiler una vez que el equipo ha salido de su tienda.
  2. CicloCuba ofrece servicio seguro de consigna de equipaje para alquiler de bicicletas clientes durante su período de alquiler por una tarifa fija de $ 1.00 USD / día por equipaje.


Depositos de seguridad

  • Depósito de seguridad: CicloCuba requiere un depósito de seguridad de $200 USD/bicicleta antes de confiar el equipo al cuidado del cliente.
  • El depósito de seguridad se puede pagar en efectivo o (solo para reservas anticipadas) mediante una preautorización en la tarjeta de crédito del cliente (que se procesará de 1 a 3 días antes del inicio de los servicios de alquiler de bicicletas en Canadá por parte de MacQueen’s Tours). Si utiliza una tarjeta de crédito para la preautorización, deberá presentar la misma tarjeta enviada con su reserva al abrir el contrato de alquiler, ya que debe ser verificada por un representante de CicloCuba.
  • Siempre que el equipo sea devuelto en las mismas condiciones en que fue alquilado:
  • a) Los depósitos de seguridad en efectivo se devolverán al cliente al finalizar su alquiler.
  • b) Las preautorizaciones de tarjetas de crédito caducan automáticamente al finalizar el período de alquiler.
  • En caso de que las bicicletas o accesorios sean dañados, extraviados o devueltos después de la fecha/hora pactada, se cobrará al cliente de acuerdo a los valores de equipo/alquiler establecidos en CicloCuba.


Política de cancelación

  • Las cancelaciones de reservas deben ser registradas vía correo electrónico y enviadas a CicloCuba solo facilita la reserva anticipada de periodos de alquiler de 3 o más días consecutivos por bicicleta. El horario de operación de CicloCuba para el retiro de equipos es de lunes a sábado de 9 am a 5 pm. Se aceptan devoluciones de equipos los domingos previa cita.
  • Los pagos con tarjeta de crédito de penalización por cancelaciones se convierten de USD a CAD y nuestros socios en MacQueen’s Island Tours los procesan en CAD $ a la tasa del mercado medio ( en el momento de la transacción.
Período de cancelación de reserva para reservas individuales (# días cancelados antes del inicio del servicio)
14 o mas dias
8 a 13 dias
7 o menos dias


Período de cancelación de reserva para reservas de grupo (6 o más bicicletas) (# días cancelados antes del inicio del servicio)
30 o mas dias
14-29 dias
13 o menos dias




Confiscación del depósito

Períodos de alquiler/Devoluciones no programadas

  • CicloCuba funciona solo con cita previa. CicloCuba cesa operaciones a las 5 pm y está cerrado los domingos excepto para devoluciones de equipos confirmadas con anticipación.
  • La tarifa de 1 día de CicloCuba es válida para un uso de 3 a 8 horas y los equipos deben devolverse a CicloCuba antes del cierre de sus operaciones diarias.
  • Para bicicletas alquiladas por 2 o más días, cada día de alquiler se calcula como equivalente a un período de 24 horas.


Ejemplos para calcular el número de días de alquiler:

  • Tarifa de 3 horas: Equipo entregado el 1 de julio a las 09:00 / devuelto el 1 de julio a las 12:00
  • Tarifa de 1 día: Equipo entregado el 1 de julio a las 09:00 / devuelto el 1 de julio a las 12:10 o en cualquier momento antes del 1 de julio a las 17:00
  • Tarifa de 2 días: equipo entregado el 1 de julio a las 09:00 / devuelto el 2 de julio a las 09:00 o en cualquier momento antes del 2 de julio a las 17:00
  • En caso de que el equipo se devuelva antes de la fecha/hora de devolución acordada, los reembolsos no estarán disponibles para devoluciones anticipadas.
  • En caso de que el equipo se devuelva después de la fecha/hora de devolución pactada, las penalizaciones por devolución tardía son las siguientes:

  1. a) Autorizado previamente por un representante de CicloCuba – continuación de la tarifa prorrateada facturada
  2. b) No autorizado previamente por un representante de CicloCuba – Tarifa de alquiler de 1 a 3 días que se aplicará a los días de alquiler adicionales no autorizados.


Seguro de robo/daños

El seguro no está disponible para el equipo de alquiler de CicloCuba. Los clientes de alquiler de bicicletas son responsables del reembolso por cualquier daño o pérdida del equipo de alquiler bajo su cuidado al finalizar el alquiler, de acuerdo con las tarifas públicas establecidas en CicloCuba.

CicloCuba no permite el préstamo de sus bicicletas y accesorios a terceros no especificados en los contratos de alquiler.

CicloCuba no se responsabiliza por accidentes o daños a equipos o personas causados ​​directa o indirectamente durante el período de alquiler.

CicloCuba no ofrece asistencia técnica fuera de su lugar de alquiler una vez que el equipo ha salido de su tienda.