Ride to the beautiful cities Cienfuegos – Santa Clara – Remedios – Caibarien – Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad

(Similar to that suggested by clients: Lana Klein, James Patrick Klein, Emelia Schiller & Rick Closs)

Route type: Suitable for all bicycle types, preferably hybrids

  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Road safety level (traffic): Moderate (caution advised for the section from Santa Clara - Remedios)
  • Route distance: approximately 369 km (229 miles)
  • Highest elevation: 257 meters at Kilometer#169 between Yaguajay & Jarahueca.

Stops and places of interest:
1) Cienfuegos City.  (Palacio del Valle, Jose Martí Park, Botanical Garden)
2) Santa Clara City. (Che Guevara Mausoleum, La Caridad Theater, Armored Train)
3) Towns of Remedios & Caibarien. (Cayo Conuco, Parrandas Museum)
4) Sancti Spiritus City. (Museum branch of the Antonio Núñez Jimenez Foundation)
5) Trinidad City. (Romantic Museum, Plaza Mayor)
6) Villa Guajimico (Dive Center
7) Cienfuegos City.

  • Suggested duration: 8 nights & 9 days
  • Traveling to Cienfuegos: Viazul bus (they accept carriage of bicycles with a supplementary fee). It’s recommended to reserve in advance. New web bookings are disabled at one week prior to trip dates and last minute reservations are normally only accepted on a standby basis.
  • How to return from Cienfuegos: Viazul bus

To depart Havana from  CicloCuba to the Viazul bus station:

Take San Pedro avenue (Port Avenue) south to the Tallapiedra thermoelectric plan, turn right and cross the train tracks (under the elevated bridge) to Atares street. Cross Cristina avenue at the lights and Monte (Maximo Gomez), continue on Calle Arroyo, crossing Infanta at the intersection and continuing straight. When you arrive at the intersection of Ayestarán, continue straight on Aranguren and then turn right at Avenida de la Independencia (Boyeros). 100 meters ahead on your right you’ll see the Central Bus Station (Estación Central de Ómnibus) and Viazul.

Route map to the Viazul Bus Station

Route map for Cycling From CicloCuba To Viazul Bus Station by Abel Pez on plotaroute.com

Cienfuegos – Santa Clara (72 km)

Departing from Boutique Hotel La Unión (at 31 & 54), take Avenue 31 to 52 and ride to the Paseo del Prado boulevard where you’ll turn left onto the opposite side of the separator, and take this road (without turns) to leave the city. This road will take you to Ranchuelo, where you should head to the rigth to take a section of the National Highway (Autopista Nacional) to the entrance of the city of Santa Clara. The route will take you past the Ernesto Che Guevara Square to the center of the city and Vidal Park.

Santa Clara – Remedios – Caibarien (52 km)

Leave Vidal Park via Céspedes Street, and in La Cruz Street take a left, then immediate right on Avenida Liberación, which will take you to the road to Camajuaní & Remedios. You can overnight in Remedios or continue to Caibarien. From Remedios you might continue your ride the next day to Sancti Spiritus. From Caibarien some cyclists have opted to ride to Cayo Santa Maria – the causeway is on the left after you leave Caibarien and it’s about 62 kilómetros (~38,5 miles) to the key.

Caibarien - Sancti Spiritus (94 km)

From Caibarien there are two routes you might consider to arrive to Sancti Spiritus: one returning to Remedios and taking the road to Zulueta-Placetas-Cabaiguán-Sancti Spiritus and the other leaving directly from Caibarien via the North Circuit (Circuito Norte) to Yaguajay-Jarahueca-Sancti Spiritus. The latter is the route we’ll plot on the map. In Caibarien take Avenue (Avenida) 21 that hooks up with the North Circuit road that will take you directly to Yaguajay, where you will take a right on the General Peraza road to head to Sancti Spiritus. Pass the town of Meneses and continue to the Jarahueca intersection, where you will turn right towards the town. Entering the town, turn left, and about 700 meters ahead you’ll see the Jarahueca cemetery. Continue on this road, passing the towns of Minas Arriba, and Jíquima de Peláez. Continue straight, passing over a bridge that crosses the National Highway and continue to the entrance to Sancti Spiritus, where you’ll descend the bridge in a southerly direction to the center of the city. Here you’ll have different accommodation options in hotels and B&B’s. We propose riding to Serafin Sanchez Park in the center of the city.

Sancti Spiritus – Trinidad (71 km)

On one side of Serafín Sanchez Park you’ll find Máximo Gomez Street which you’ll take following the sign to Trinidad, riding onto Jesus Menendez Street towards the Colon neighborhood, and then after you cross a small bridge on Jesus Menendez it turns into a Boulevard. Take a left and an immediate right to reach 26 de julio Street. Follow the signs to Trinidad. You’ll pass the town of Banao, then Fidel Claro & Caracusey before reaching the Valley of the Sugarmills (Valle de los Ingenios), and the  Manaca – Iznaga Tower. Follow this road to Trinidad.

Arriving in Trinidad, take a left at Camilo Cienfuegos Street, pass the Santa Ana church and continue, turning right on Antonio Maceo Street to arrive at the center of town. If you prefer to continue to La Boca, you must ride as far as Simón Bolívar avenue and take a left. This road will take you directly to La Boca town & beach. There are an infinite number of accommodation options in the city in B&B’s and also Hotels.

If you prefer to ride to the Ancon Peninsula, then once on Camilo Cienfuegos Street you should continue to Ignacio Agramonte avenue and turn left, following the signs to Península Ancón and beach hotels.


Trinidad – Cienfuegos (83 km)
If you’re not prepared to ride the complete 83 kilómetros, then Villa Guajimico is a good option for mid-way accommodations, just 40 km from Trinidad.
Coming from the city, look for the intersection of Simón Bolívar & Anastasio Cardenas, and take Cardenas street to the right. If coming from La Boca via Simón Bolívar, then take Cardenas to the left. Si coming from the Ancon Peninsula via Agramonte, continue to Simón Bolívar and go straight to meet up with Cardenas. Stay on this road following the signs to Cienfuegos.
You’ll pass the shrimp breeding station, the Yaguanabo River where there are accommodations at Villa Yaguanabo, pass Villa Guajimico, where there’s also a dive center. This rustic hotel offers accommodations if you’re tired and features an attractive seaside setting.
Continue the route and at Kilometer 63 you’ll see a road on your left. Take this road until just before the CUPET (gas station), where you’ll turn right and then right again at the end to hook up with the road to Cienfuegos. If you continue straight at Kilometer 63, you’ll also arrive to Cienfuegos, but the route is slightly longer.

Route Map

Route map for Cycling Cienfuegos-Sta Clara-S. Spiritus-Trinidad by Abel Pez on plotaroute.com

Cienfuegos – La Habana